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Things I Forgot

I got a letter from a doctor yesterday about a study for people over 40 who have diagnosed osteoarthritis in the hip or knee and controlled BP. I was pretty sure it was for a new NSAID, but I called and was told someone would call me today. The doctor called and when he told me it was for a new version of Naprosyn (Aleve) with something to keep the BP down, I told him I couldn't participate. He kept on describing and I interrupted and told him that ibuprofen poisoning caused my first renal failure. Then he said "We don't want you in the study" and I said "Me too!" and we hung up. I know he didn't get my name & address from my doctors, so I wonder if it was from the Stanford Online Arthritis Study I did a couple years ago. I meant to ask, but it took too long for him to get that I couldn't have the study med that I forgot.

I had my upstairs neighbor's proxy with me in the homeowner's meeting. I thought it went better than I expected (and the council chambers have been redone with an easier slope for the audience since the last time I was there) but we did have someone complain that because he bought one of the two largest models, he has to pay more in condo fees. He wanted us to calculate by how many people lived in each condo (he lives alone) and three of us tried different ways to explain that this was how our condo was formed and we can't change it (and nobody in their right mind would charge by residents). Why don't people read the materials, if not before they buy, at least within the three day regret period?
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