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Marilee J. Layman

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06:00 pm: "The will of the people is the best law"
That was my fortune cookie fortune today. It's not always right, but there are times when it's better than what exists.

I saw the nutritionist today to find out if I just add the protein in grains and beans to get a total protein amount and she not only answered that (yes), she didn't whine about my weight. In fact, she wants me to eat 200 more calories a day as a minimum and to eat more fruit. That certainly happens when I eat out (or today, ordered Chinese food while in the van in the parking lot at Kaiser and then picked it up on the way home), but I don't think I can eat that much every day. She told me a lot of nutritional things I knew, but she did answer my question. I stopped at admin to find out who's in charge of the new Manassas building and got the regional admin number, and then weighed and am still at 313 -- I figured I wouldn't lose any weight these last two weeks of the month with all the eating out at Minicon.

Shiva has been acting today as if I don't like him, which is certainly not true. I'm not sure what's up.

I leave for the homeowners' meeting in about 10 minutes so will start on LJ when I get back.

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