Marilee J. Layman (mjlayman) wrote,
Marilee J. Layman

This journal has been placed in memorial status. New entries cannot be posted to it.


Packing, doing laundry, setting things up for while I'm gone. I took the trash and recycling out and then came home to start working on getting ready to leave for Minicon. I leave very early Wednesday morning (too early to go to bed) and get back Tuesday evening. I made a list of things to pack and I can't read about a fifth of them. I'll probably manage anyway. Shiva is sitting in my carry-on. If he's still there when it gets dark (so I can get better contrast), I'll take a picture. Spirit is sitting just outside the carry-on on the bed, feeling left out.

I've been having a memorial rereading of Mirabile but I don't like to travel with hardback books. They get knocked up more than paperbacks, so I'll just continue that when I get home. And I see that Sir Arthur has died, so there'll be a memorial rereading for him, too.

I don't expect to post while gone -- I don't currently have a good traveling computer and it costs money to use the hotel's "business center."
Tags: errands, memorial, packing

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