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Sunny Sunday

I like the new reading glasses so much, and they're so cheap, that I may gradually buy two more pairs so I'm not carrying them between the recliner, computer, and bed.

Chillier today, but still sunny, and the mourning dove males definitely believe it's spring. They're already starting the chase of the female. My neighbor and beadfriend Marsha came over to get the instructions on taking care of the cats while I'm gone to Minicon and I've started gathering things that need to go. I'll get the suitcases out tomorrow.

I put another batch of BFAC auctions up today -- a butterfly necklace, a beautiful beaded self-supported box, a handbag with a beaded panel, a clown brooch, a sunny bracelet, an amazingly long necklace, and a cool necklace. These will end next Sunday, but no auctions will go up because I'll be at Minicon (and things worked out well for eight weeks of auctions and there were nine Sundays in March & April). Then when I come back, on the 30th, one of our big pieces -- a dragon sculpture as well as other cool things!
Tags: beading, cats

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