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Dreams, Bookgroup, and Reading Glasses

The dream I had when I woke up last night was really great. There was a space station (much bigger than the current one) and it had a hub with all the common activities, a control room, and a spindle for docking. Then trapezoidish "wedges" fit around the hub -- each one owned by a country or group of countries. They moved around as needed (were little spaceships) and a SSTO came up every week to bring supplies and transport people to/from leave. They brought up specialists, too, and I was there to work on a particular piece of equipment. I noticed it had been sabotaged and fixed it but also made it so if it was sabotaged again, the person would be hurt. I stayed another day and during that day, in the common rec hall, I sang and played some kind of mini concertina. While we were all singing and playing, the saboteur tried to kill the equipment again and set off an alarm and burned his hand. He belonged to one of the country wedges, and they were very angry, so I used an emergency escape capsule to return to Earth -- it was sort of coffin shaped with an ablative coating and both automatic controls or manual for those who knew how to use them. I used the auto and I went around the world a few times to slow down and then a parachute dropped the capsule gently at White Sands.

The dream I had this morning was about hiding from a religious state -- probably from real life and from the last section of A Canticle for Leibowitz. We had two new people at bookgroup today and one entered in quite a bit. The other was an older man, rather crippled, whose daughter and grandson dropped him off and picked him up. He laughed and nodded, but didn't contribute. I hope they both come back. I knew one of the members and I would have a polite kerfuffle about the religion and we did. Then we went to eat at Olive Garden, where they cramped 12 of us at a table that should hold 10 in an alcove. Good thing we like each other. I found out you can use a hacked chip in a Nintendo DS and it gets a browser and that might well be the cheapest thing I can get to read ebooks on. It's wireless, so I'd need to get a wireless dongle for the computer, and I'll need to cost it all out. It looks promising, though.

When I got the mail on the way home, my new reading glasses were here and I was right -- the reading Rx is right for the computer, too. Now I don't have to tilt my head all over for the computer. And I love the frames, in red, of course.
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