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Not Cataracts, Dry

Okay, bad pun!

I finished online early last night and hurt enough that I took pain meds and slept in the recliner from 7:30pm-12:30am. I decided to do some beading instead of reading old newspapers and then went to bed. I woke up at 9:30am, even though the alarm was set for 11:30am, and thought I'd go back to sleep, but when I was still awake at 10am, I got up. This let me read one old newspaper before I left for the opthalmologist appointment. (The cat feeding happened as yesterday, and maybe that's what it will be.)

My eyes got dilated (and still are, a bit, it's never lasted this long before) and he looked carefully. He said the cataracts are not ready to come out, in fact they're not much worse than last year. The reason I'm seeing fuzzy is that my eyes are dry, and this is with as much OTC stuff as I can use. He said I can try another OTC drop which is thicker but doesn't last as long or he could order Restasis which is $100/month. I'd only pay $25/month until it dropped me into the Medicare Plan D donut hole in about November and then I'd have to pay actual cost for everything. So I'm going to try the other drops first, and hope that warmer weather will help with the dryness, too.

I stopped at Internal Medicine to weigh on the electronic scale and I'm at 313. This is 45 pounds in 14.5 months, so I've already lost March's pounds. Just as well, the Minicon hotel has limited food choices and I will be eating more than usual.

I had the drop-in sunglasses and decided I was seeing well enough to go eat at Red Robin -- the pot roast "burger" and iced tea, as usual, and then came home in Friday evening rush hour. I'd read another old paper while waiting at the doctor's and the restaurant, so I don't feel so bad about beading last night. I signed on long enough to answer email, but I was still sufficiently dilated that it would have taken me forever to get through other things. I watched Law & Order from Wednesday and beaded. I'm only using two beads right now, with a set pattern, and really different colors, so I don't have to see them clearly. By the time I finished the show, I was ready for online.

Tomorrow I have bookgroup, so a late post again.
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