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Today I saw pansies and daffodils and the maples are budding. It must be Spring!

I took the newspaper recycling out, plus put a filter in the trash -- I usually swap furnace filters every other time Lucila comes and let her take it to the trash, but I forgot this week. Then I mailed a package to a bead friend and stopped by the Giant to get another cucumber and container of grape tomatoes. It turns out that you need two grape tomato containers to three cucumbers for the portions I like of the Greek salad.

I have the sliding glass doors open and a window in the kitchen and it's getting a bit cool (since it's only 57 outside, the sunshine is bringing a lot of the warmth) but Shiva is stil smelling the outdoors.

Shiva was on the cat part of the counter when I put their dish together, so I gave it to him on the counter first. Spirit whined. Then I put it down on the floor and Spirit had a go at it. I brought the paper in and gave them snackies which Spirit came to eat, and Shiva went to finish the plate. I think they got about equal amounts.

I hurt a lot today -- my wrist hurts again and my legs and back hurt. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, but not one that will help -- I see the opthalmologist about the cataracts.
Tags: cats, health, weather

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