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Slept the Day Away

I was reading the 2/17 WashPost last night. One of the business columnists takes a few people/couples each year to help them get rid of their debt and work out a budget. This year, she took three military families and while I was reading that, I started going over my budget in my mind. Two hours later, I'd figured that the only things I could realistically cut down on is to stop buying so many books and to stop eating out twice a week. I'm not sure I'll do that -- for one thing, I'm already buying many fewer books the last two years because of the emphasis on fantasy and paranormal, and for another, I think of eating out as part of my socialization. I finished the paper and got to bed late and got up when the alarm went off at 2pm. But by 3:30pm, I was very sleepy again and slept four and a half more hours in the recliner. The cats were very good -- they didn't ask for food at 4pm.

Their morning feeding was not as bad as the last few days -- I made one plate, Shiva got started on it, and three times when he started to leave because Spirit stuck her head in under his, I got him to come back. The fourth time I couldn't, so I got the paper and then started with the snackies because Spirit likes snackies more than he does, and he got to finish the plate while she was in the living room eating snackies. Maybe I'll try snackies first tomorrow.

I'd planned to take the newspapers to recycling today and do the taxes, but those are now moved to tomorrow.
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