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21 Years of Defeating DEATH

Yes, I'm 53 today and it was 21 years ago that a nephrologist first told me I would die in a few days. Clearly DEATH is being kept busy by Pterry.

I tried the two dishes of food and moving one with Spirit into a bathroom today. I am anointed with scratches and she refused to eat anything. When we came out, Shiva was in the castle, having refused to eat anything. I guess I'll just have to let them work it out.

I took an envelope to the post office, bought a Priority Mail stamp to put in it, and mailed it. In return, I get a leftover bead or two from a friend. Good deal! Then, since the nephrologist told me last week that I can have 60gr of protein a day, I had lunch at Ruby Tuesday's, and I had a small sirloin steak with mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli. A very nice lunch.

I headed off to the grocery store where I bought more stuff to make Greek Salad and more pouch food for cats and then home. The cats were still mad at me. Even after I gave them today's dry food, they were mad at me. I'm doing laundry and then will start the cat blankie washing.

My neighbor who has been dealing with management as to how they're supposed to pay for things, says I should really raise the stoop to the door entrance and put a ramp out from there. That would make a ramp long enough for rails. I don't know if I can afford that. He's going to have his investigator find out if I have to pay for it, since the condos were built after the law was passed that requires buildings to be accessible by front door and a bathroom accessible. Not that anybody builds them that way. They must assume that it's cheaper to deal with the few complaints than to make all the buildings accessible.

I hurt a lot today, I may take a nap.
Tags: cats, condo, food
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