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Phenobarb, Chicken, and Cat Fights

I forgot to say yesterday that I got a DHL overnight envelope early in the morning. What was in it? The phenobarb that I put in a refill for on 2/11, that the doctor made new refills for on 2/14, that I ended up waiting at the pharmacy with an empty bottle for a refill on 2/28. My guess? They found it behind something.

I microwaved and prepped and froze another 40 meals of chicken for the cats last night. I made the mistake of giving them a small amount and Spirit screamed at me most of the rest of the night.

Feeding Spirit and Shiva in the mornings has been interesting the last few days. I used to give all three of them an ounce of chicken under a packet of wet food and there was no problem. So when Giorgio died, I started giving Spirit and Shiva about .66 of an ounce and a full packet to split. Friday, after I'd put their dish down and started doing other kitchen things, Shiva barked at Spirit. Really, a bark. I couldn't figure out what happened and I said "What!?" and Shiva ran and hid.

So yesterday, on Doris' advice, I tried two dishes. They both went to separate dishes but when Spirit finished hers, she started on Shiva's. He barked again, and now I know why. So I was not very coordinated this morning and I put down a single dish again, but then I remembered and watched. Shiva even moved over to Spirit's side to try to get food, but then barked and left and hid in the castle. I let Spirit eat about her portion and then put the dish on the ledge in front of the castle and Shiva ate it. I had to give him his share of snackies up there, and he hasn't been out yet, even though I've been out of the recliner for hours (he usually takes over the recliner when I finish with skimming the paper and taking my BP).

Tomorrow, two dishes, and I'll move Spirit and hers to a bathroom and find out if Shiva will eat his. I'm washing bed linens and Spirit has been yelling at me to play with her on the bed, but I think a little yelling will do Shiva good today.
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