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Gusting Winds

I napped five hours again last evening and got up to read Making Light and an old newspaper (don't want to get behind on catching up) and finish the last Asimov's. I start A Canticle for Leibowitz tonight for bookgroup Saturday. I was once again up late enough to hear the newspapers arrive, but 1) they were on the stoop, and b) I used the reacher, so although I was kind of wary about getting them, I was fine.

I'm sorer than I thought. All the bruises are on my sides so I keep waking up and rolling over and I don't want to take codeine at this point. I might sleep in the recliner tonight.

I got out and into the van for the first time -- minor pain -- and took a letter to the post office drive-by box, got money for next week at the ATM, and ate at Tony's, where they've decided to save money by telling us our numbers and expecting us to remember them instead of giving us paper with the number on it.

It rained the last couple of days, so all the blood is off the stoop. When I went out today, the sky was blue, but by the time I got to Tony's, there was a giant grey mass moving in from the west. It rained a bit while I was in Tony's but cleared before I left and didn't start again until I got home. However, while driving home on a small street between houses, a gust of wind moved the van over about two feet. It's still blowing out there.

My friend Laurie used some of Giorgio's (and Smudge's, because the friend who'd done the earlier beads had stopped due to her lupus) ashes to make a memorial bead for him (and one for Smudge). They came today -- perfect -- and she sent me the rest of the ashes back. I'll put them back in the plastic bags and screw up the box bottoms and put them back on shelves. The beads will go with the other memorial beads.
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