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Good News, Bad News

The nephrologist says the 18-month crash is over and I can have 60gr of protein a day! She says the pain I'm feeling behind the scar from the open kidney biopsy is where the muscles didn't heal right and I'm using them too much. So less sitting up, standing, and walking. I asked her to translate that into the chart as "needs electric wheelchair" and she said she would.

My cousin Lori emailed that our grandfather died today -- there was no function in the brainstem and they just kept him alive long enough for the local family to gather. No news on Dad, so I assume Sue was wrong (or manipulating me).

I found out last night and this morning that I'd been off on two other things yesterday -- I realized as I was ready to turn the light out that I'd forgotten to give the cats their 4pm dry food and they hadn't complained, and then this morning, I realized I forgot to get down another tupperware of chicken thigh bits from the freezer to thaw in the fridge, so they just got the pouch stuff today. They didn't complain about that, either. I've been doing pretty well today.
Tags: cats, family, health
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