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Chick'n Lick'n Not

Last night I made the Greek Salad and it tastes just right. I calculated that it cost me about half to make an equivalent amount here than to get it at Tony's, although they serve a croissant and a piece of cheesebread with it. I had Triscuits with it, which was fine.

Today, I've been off a little. I went out to get gas (3.16!) and realized as I got home that the little door for the gas tank was a bit open. I was hoping I hadn't forgotten to put the cap on and then shut the door, but the cap was there. I guess I just didn't shut the door well enough. Then I toasted some bread in the toaster oven and got a teeny little burn on my finger because I wasn't careful getting the toast out. I did two loads of laundry and the first load, towels and hankies, was meant to go on hot. I looked at the dial, thought "Hot, good" and put stuff in. When I went back to move it to the dryer and put the second load in on cold, I realized it'd been on cold all along.

I did the auction pages for next week's BFAC and I kept screwing up the template. I finally flipped it to read-only. I haven't had to do that before.

So I'm not cooking and prepping chicken thighs for the cats tonight. That takes a knife. At least I've gotten good enough to notice that I can't use a knife before I actually use one. I probably won't be up to it after the long drive to the nephrologist tomorrow, so I moved it to Thursday on my list. The package says to use it before 3/8, and that will count. If I'm still off tomorrow, I'll have to call the neurologist, but probably it's just something temporary. I'm a little sleepy, too.
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