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Pain and a Nap

Apparently fiddling with cat furniture and then later detailing the litterbox was too much. I hurt like crazy when I got up, but I took the SSA envelope to the post office, the book to the library, and ate at Tony's. When I got home, I started online but had to take pain meds and take a nap.

Last night after cleaning and filling the litterbox, I went down to the bedroom to tell the cats. They were cuddled up with Mr. Teddy and when I said "The litterbox is clean and I put new litter in," Shiva's ears perked up and he jumped off the bed, waggling his left rear foot -- it must have gone to sleep. He proceded to use the litterbox even though he was stil waggling his foot for another minute or so.

A couple things I forgot to mention. I got most of my labs back Friday week ago, and one on last Monday. Most were within my normal range, but my parathyroid is slightly elevated. Maybe just an odd thing, since I don't actually get much calcium. The Celexa came Friday, and I have email from the pharmacy (new with the new system -- it tells you the med has been shipped and the cost, but not the name of the med) that implies that the statin is on its way and I just put that in yesterday. So things seem to be settling out at the pharmacies.
Tags: cats, health

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