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Marilee J. Layman

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05:25 pm: Home, Sweet Home
It was very nice to be home today. I did a lot of little things around the house -- putting dishes in the dishwasher, brushing the cat furniture to get the pulled-out carpet threads off and vacuuming them up, sat with Spirit in the recliner when she got upset, and photographed the odd necklace I was making.

The necklace is mostly seeds from a swap -- the orange, spring-green, and ivory came from the swap, the focal bead is one I'd had for a while and made by a friend of mine and the swap giver, and I added black seeds and blue Swarovski bicones to match the focal more. I spent almost an hour trying to get the color to come out in the photos and I couldn't. They're much stronger in real life. I named it Parisian Stripes for a reason that is more obvious in real life. Some of you might guess why anyway.

This year's BFAC kit has more beads, more types, and more sizes than usual and I've already figured out most of how I want to use them, but I need to make a sketch and then diagram the base bead fabric.

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