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Marilee J. Layman

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08:48 pm: Nice Glasses!
After Lucila cleaned, I headed up to the Vision Center at Kaiser Fair Oaks. I didn't even have time to sit down in the waiting area before I was at an optician's desk. She adjusted them and they don't hurt anymore. The traffic home wasn't as bad as I thought and after I got home, Luke came down to give me his proxy for the homeowners' meeting next month. Then he asked me about Giorgio's bill and he insisted on giving me some money. He's such a nice man.

The cats can't seem to get settled down today -- they keep ending up at opposite ends of the condo and yelling for the other.

I had the rest of the stew/soup and maybe I'll try to make the Greek Salad tomorrow. My joint is better today and I hope it will be even better tomorrow.

I read the first chapters of ABC last night and so far, he spends an awful lot of time telling and not showing. I'm going to give him another chance tonight but if it doesn't get better, I'm taking it to the library tomorrow and picking up the second one I put on hold, which is available now.

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