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Out Gout!

I woke up with a gout flare at the base of my right little toe. I decided to still go to the grocery store, but I won't be trying to make Greek Salad tonight. When I stopped for the mail, my check had come, so I came home, offloaded groceries and put them away, and filled out a deposit slip. I'm surprised they got it here this fast. Usually it turns up on the 28th, and if it arrives after the end of the month, they have to pay us a 10% penalty. So I was thinking the 27th, but the 25th is much better. I went and deposited it and paid all the beginning-of-the-month bills.

I got the right numbers for reading glasses from Zenni last night and ordered them (I was right -- add the Sphere to the Add) -- nice red geeky glasses. I called Kaiser Vision Services this morning and asked about having these adjusted and the clerk said "Yes ma'am! You can bring anything to be adjusted. That's part of your benefits as a Kaiser member." I suspect she meant any glasses; I'm pretty sure they don't do cars. Then I called about the new center in Manassas, but Customer Service couldn't find any evidence of it. The next time I'm at the center, I'll ask around in admin. If they really have to put a brick entryway in, they can at least make a nice concrete walkway in the middle.

I've figured out what I'm going to do for this year's BFAC project! I need to finish what I'm doing now and sketch out what I want and then get going. It has to be turned in by July 15th. A friend who lives in Tucson bought me some new metal mesh ribbon at the Gem Show, in purple, of course, which I expected, but when it arrived today, there was a neat freeform bead, too! As she noted, there are fewer freeform beads these days and she knows I like them.
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