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I C/o/o/k/e/d/ Assembled!

I wondered if I could do this, but I sauteed barley, added a can of chicken broth (plus a can of water), once the barley was about half-done, I added a frozen package of sugar snap peas (plus crushed red pepper to balance the sweet) and a three-ounce tupperware of thawed turkey breast. That's two days-worth of protein and I managed to make two meals-worth of soup/stew. It was very good. I'll probably have the other half on Tuesday because I'm going to buy the ingredients to make Tony's Greek Salad tomorrow and see if I can do that. It's not that it's so expensive, it's that they put giant chunks of feta in it and I end up leaving almost all of it which is a waste. I'm going to buy crumbled feta instead.

I have the bed linens/pillows laundry going and also put in the order for Peapod. (Pam, they have a new flavor of Fleet's phospho-soda -- just what we need.)

The new glasses went on with no strangeness this morning, but I need to have the ends bent down. The right side is making a new dent in my head and my head doesn't like it. I'll call Kaiser tomorrow and see if the opticians adjust glasses we don't buy from them. If they don't, I'll check with local opticians. I like these so much (and the cost -- $63.85 compared to $435 for my last glasses and that was with Kaiser paying for one lens) that I emailed asking how to manipulate the prescription to get reading glasses.

I had a dream last night that I'm sure is partly inspired by Charlie's Hidden Family and partly by last week's Jericho. It was a deep depression or post-apocalyptic, hard to tell, and I was teaching the town's students. The parents and town officials were upset when I started teaching the truth -- that our situation was our fault, as a nation and as individuals. We argued and the parents pulled their students out. But I still had 20 orphans who boarded at the school and we made ready for siege -- the town had made the critical mistake of storing food and supplies in the school basement when I offered it -- and we had made defensive and offensive weapons for the school in our spare time. I wanted to teach these kids the truth so they could spread it when they were older and they needed to be able to defend themselves physically as well as intellectually. When the townspeople arrived, I stood on the steps and said "The truth is important! It will keep us from doing this again, and we will defend the truth!" And then I woke up. I don't know what happened.
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