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No Snow

At least not yet. There's been flurries off and on, but nothing made it to the ground. Apparently Maryland got most of this batch. Tomorrow is supposed to be cold but dry until late, so I should get those errands done, too.

Today I took the trash and recycling out, then deposited a check and went on to the IM vet hospital. I took them the rest of the baby food, since we don't need it, and also a switchplate with a cat like Giorgio. I wrapped it in a tiled image of all three, with Giorgio's tail over Shiva's neck. They decided to save it for the head vet to open.

I still couldn't contact the mail-order pharmacy and called my clinic pharmacy and she said they can't do anything as long as it's in process with the mail-order pharmacy (they're all owned by Kaiser). It turns out I do have a good number for the mail-order pharmacy, it's just so busy it's going to the standard refill recording prompts. I have enough through Friday, but I'll take the box with me when I do labs tomorrow and talk to the chief pharmacist. They can't mean me to be without a steroid inhaler that I use two times twice a day. I printed out a list of the labs to do this time, I hope that will get the right labs taken and processed.
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