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Windy Gusts

Usually I wash cat blankies (and then kitchen and bathroom hand towels) on Mondays, but when I went back to get the blankie from the end of the bed, Spirit and Shiva were cuddled up on it. I came back to the computer and turned on my camera out here, but when I went back, they were awake:

Spirit appears to be turning her head almost entirely around. I decided I could just wash the blankies today (and that blankie and the heating pad blankie are in the wash now) and let them stay.

The wind woke me up gusting this morning and when I headed out to get new birdseed, the van was buffeted. At one point I stopped for a light and a piece of rubber/plastic fell down on the windshield from the top. I got out and saw that just a tiny bit was holding it on, so I separated that bit and brought the long piece back in the van with me. After I picked up the birdseed and had the van pushed a bit by the winds on the way back, I stopped to have my regular lunch at Ruby Tuesday's and then went in to my auto repair place to ask about the long strip. He said "glass shop" which is just a few blocks away and I went up there. The guy there asked the brand of the van and said the strip is just decorative. I can have it glued back in, but don't need to. So for the time being, I'm not.

It's supposed to snow tomorrow -- we're predicted to get a dusting to an inch -- and I had a list of errands so long for tomorrow that I'd already moved some to Thursday. But Thursday has a 30% chance and Friday a 60% chance for wintry mix. I can put some of these off to next week, and the doctors will understand if I get labs late, but I'm going to have to start pinning my front hair back because it's so long it's driving me nuts.

Kaiser's mail-order pharmacy has a new system and some of my meds are late. I'm going to have to check earlier tomorrow when they're still open.
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