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I finished the current jewelry set last night, I'm calling it Poppydelic! The tie-dye shirt it goes with is at the bottom of the display and the colors get darker further down the shirt. The pieces use three colors of glass seed beads -- purple, garnet, and mauve -- plus metallic blue-mauve triangles and purple fiberoptic chips. The poppy is by Pam Brisse and was part of a collaboration project my friend AJ made. I mentioned the poppy would go with my new tiedye shirt and AJ had one left and gifted me with it!

My phone dinged to be charged a couple hours before I was going to get up, so I turned it off and then remembered to plug it in after I got up. When I headed out today, it was warm enough to wear a knit top and pants but by the time I got back, an hour later, it was 20 degrees F colder and I shivered on the way into the condo. I took a box with some of the ashes of Giorgio and Smudgie to the post office (my friend Laurie will make me memorial beads and send back the leftover ashes with the beads) and on the way in ran into three scruffy LaRouche provocateurs who had set up a table and signs illegally close to the door, and me without my phone!

I processed the box with the machine and put it in the bin and was on my way out when an older lady with a Nordic accent came in and was upset that the post office was closed. I asked if she was mailng in the US and using a credit card and she said yes, so I told her she could use the machine. She said she didn't know how (which I expected) and I said I'd help her. So I prompted her through the screens and stuck the big labels plus Priority Mail stickers on her two boxes and put them in the bin for her.

On my way out, the LaRouche guys were packing their table and stuff into their car and there was a city police car in the parking lot, the officer watching them. Somebody had a phone! I went on to get groceries and came home. Shiva is now explaining to me that it's an hour past dry food time so I'll go do that now.
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