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Sitting up Waaay Too Much

So, the SSA office one day and the bookgroup the next makes me unstable walking and in a fair amount of pain (the problem with sitting up straight for a while is that when they did the open kidney biopsy during the first renal failure, the muscles didn't heal properly, so the muscles under the scar hurt like crazy after sitting or standing a while). I think I'll be moving between the recliner and the computer today so sitting up here isn't so bad. I used to be able to use the sub-notebook in the recliner, but it has become too obsolete.

Otherwise, a normal quiet Sunday today. Shiva has been letting Spirit sit next to him, but she would still like someone to cuddle with. The IM vet's general vet asked me if I wanted a new cat yet and I said no, but I told him in a while I'd want a couple that were pair-bonded or littermates and were 1-3 years old. He was very happy I wanted older cats, but I explained that I'm just not mobile enough for kittens, and adult cats suit the household better. I'd been thinking of this for a while, but was sure I couldn't afford five cats. Now it would be four, which I've managed before, but not until I've paid off the vet bill. The general vet goes down to Charlottesville every other weekend to volunteer at a no-kill shelter, and if I took cats from there, he'd also give them a year of free vet work.
Tags: cats, health

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