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Books and Sleep

I didn't sleep very well last night, I don't know why, but I didn't, so I was already short when I headed off to bookgroup. We had two new members, relatives of a librarian, and that was nice. They were all very comforting about Giorgio's death.

Afterwards we went to Tony's (wasn't even my idea!) and had so many we overfilled a big round table plus filled a booth next to it. I had the tomato and mushroom focaccia and ordered two batches of garlic bread for the table. I also ordered a cookie. Usually I'm not that fond of Italian desserts, but this was all crusted with almonds and I like almonds. It turned out to be a macaroon in flat cookie shape with almonds crusted on it. I'll have to try not to notice it every week.

I came home and fed the cats, then started online, but got sleepy about 8pm and eventually napped in the recliner until 1am. I knew it might be long, so I taped the news and watched the tape when I got back online. There was a drag race on a quarter-mile straight section of a main public road in Maryland. The participants had smoked their tires and a car that wasn't involved came through the smoke and hit the people standing on the road to watch the race. Eight were killed. The odd part about this is that the relatives of the killed and wounded are all blaming the uninvolved car driver. He wasn't the one running an illegal race with watchers standing in the road! The two drag racers drove off and haven't been found.

I'm not going to try LJ & Making Light tonight; I'll catch up tomorrow.

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