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Weird Food

ETA: The folks I used to have to do true mail order with to get Spirit's alligators from are online now!

Last night I microwaved the chicken thighs, let them rest a bit, then diced, and containerized them. The cats were still down in the bedroom until Shiva heard me in the kitchen dicing and came out. I called Spirit, too, and once she was there, I put a couple bits of nice hot chicken thigh on the floor. Shiva sniffed and left. Spirit gobbled them up and then insisted on more, which she didn't get.

Today the toys from Petsmart came and they each played with a catnip mouse, although Shiva carried his in his mouth long enough that it's rather wet. The play-disembowel toy didn't work -- it isn't really long enough, they were counting the feathers at the end, and it doesn't have enough heft. I'll have to look for something else when I go to the store next time.

Since I had too much protein yesterday, I had elbow mac with thai peanut sauce today. Not the traditional pairing, but good.

I called Sunset and they'll swap the big ashes boxes for little ones if I bring them down. It's a bit of a drive, so I'll have to plan for that.
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