Marilee J. Layman (mjlayman) wrote,
Marilee J. Layman

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I took a break from reading LJ about 1pm and decided I was going to see if I could eat at Tony's, like most Saturdays. I had two crying bits on the way to the ATM, but then was fine except for some tearing. I had the Greek salad and brought half the garlic bread home for later. I finished LJ and then started my online reading for the day -- cartoons, charity board, blogs -- and as I got to the point of starting LJ again, I really needed to sleep. I slept for four hours in the recliner with both cats under the duvet at one time or another. I really missed Giorgio when I woke up because he was very good at sneaking under the duvet and sleeping in the crook of my right knee. I'd wake up and push the duvet back and there he was. I'd have to really convince him that we were getting up. I'd taped the 6pm news because I missed news last night and I'm watching that now.

I never had a post get so many comments that it had a second page until I posted about Giorgio's death. It's very nice to know I have so many friends.
Tags: cats, errands
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