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Giorgio Has Massive Renal Failure

I slept in the recliner last night because Giorgio had stopped being able to jump up. He wanted to sleep on the heating pad in the window and to drink from dishes in the sink (he always wants to do that) so he'd give a little soft complaint and I'd get up and lift him.

The vet called and told me his blood levels, which were amazingly high. She called an Internal Medicine Vet specialist and got me worked in -- I'm lucky, they're next to the library -- so I took Giorgio over. One of their general vets, Ken, took history and explained they'd take more sophisticated blood tests, start him on IVs and meds, including potassium. Apparently cats don't react to potassium riders; they've given me the most pain I've ever had.

Ken just called and the IM vet did the ultrasound. His right kidney is smaller than the other (so is mine and he's taking meds I've taken) and his kidneys look like chronic renal failure, which would mean he's been sick a couple of years probably and it's only just hit the point where his behaviour changes. His heart is fine so they've giving him massive IV therapy and will recheck blood in 12 and 24 hours. If his blood levels aren't significantly lower in 24 hours, then he probably can't be treated. If they do come down, I may have to get tips from James about subq fluid delivery. I can call anytime; I'll see if they'll let me visit tomorrow.

Shiva and Spirit were really unhappy that I left with Giorgio and came back without him. Me too.
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