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Giorgio is Eating

I realized late last night that he'd had the bit he ate yesterday with only the left side of his mouth. So I put a packet of wet food into a tiny blender I kept (meant for nuts and herbs but I almost always used it for other things) and whirled it to a thick paste. I thinned it with oil to more of a thick liquid (oil has more calories than water) and he ate about a third of it, which is what he would normally eat in a sitting. The other two ate a third and I washed the rest away. So this morning I put on going-out-of-the-house clothes and when I finished the grocery list (which I usually make on Sundays), I went to the Giant (which I usually do on Mondays). I got ten little baby food jars (I think it was Jill who suggested this for Spirit's protein, and that made me think of it for this) as well as the regular food and as soon as I got home, opened one jar and put it under his nose. He sniffed a couple of times, put the very end of his tongue in and tasted, and then ate about a quarter of the jar. I shut the jar back up and put it in the fridge and a little while ago, I took another quarter out and put it on a plate and zapped it warm and a bit liquider and he ate most of that (Spirit finished the rest). So I think part of the problem may be something mechanical with eating.

I knew when I took him that he came from a line that had bad teeth, so he only has his canines left, but he's always been happy with even the hard snackies (today he took one into his mouth three times, finally crunched it a bit, swallowed, and didn't eat anymore). So I hope to give him little bits like this (I didn't even look to see if I gave him the beef or the chicken) and get him to lick them up. I feel much better now that he's eating. He's using the litterbox, too.

We had two inches of rain Friday and I knew there were probably sunflower seeds in the feeder that were molding and producing aflatoxin which kills birds, so when I went out to get more laundry detergent from the storeroom off the balcony/porch last night, I also dumped the dry seeds on the porch and brought the feeder in. I got all the wet seeds off in the sink, and then ran the feeder in the dishwasher -- the advantage of having one made of dead milk jugs. When it dried, I put it out of the way in the living room. I'll put it back out after the mound of seeds on the porch is gone.

Many people may be watching the Superbowl, but I'm watching musicals on TCM (currently An American in Paris) and taped the Animal Planet Puppy Bowl to watch the Kitten Half-Time later. There's a new House tonight, well after the football, so I may have to just record at the end of the game and find it on the tape later.
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