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Giorgio is Sick

After watching him not eat or drink very much, and not enthusiatically, and being lethargic, I called the vet today. She's out of town until Monday and we set up an appointment for Tuesday, but she said if he doesn't eat or drink for 24 hours, or starts having trouble moving, to take him to the vet ER that's right by Tony's, the credit union, and the library.

I got up early to take someone's very old and heavy dual videotape recorder to the electronics recycling. It's been up behind the recycling bins for weeks so I put it in the back of the van when I was there on Wednesday. Then to the ATM for next week's money and to Tony's for Greek salad and garlic bread. Real garlic bread -- slivers of garlic on it -- and I could eat that Greek salad every day.

I was only driving about 10 minutes total, but I saw two people turn right from the left lane and a guy drive at least 60 on a 25mph street (and it's that slow for a good reason).
Tags: cats, errands
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