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Errands and the Psych Appointment

I took the recycling out today, mailed several things (helped lure people to the machine), and then had lunch at Great American Buffet. I had a coupon and they have two salad counters -- one with variations on macaroni and potato salads and one with really fresh greens and veggies. I had a bit of lettuce then lots of cucumber slices, cauliflower and broccoli chunks, and fresh mushrooms, plus vinaigrette and about a half-ounce each of mixed grated cheese and sunflower seeds. Then I had two bits of raspberry crumble.

Then on to Kaiser where I arrived just on time. He was late, so I didn't feel too bad. The Celexa is definitely working now, I feel happier and up most of the time. I'm making good headway on the newspapers as well as other things (got the last tax paper today, now I get to do taxes). He said to see him again in three months and to call earlier if I need to. They won't have the April schedule until late March, so I noted that in my book.

I went to PetSmart for wet food and snackies and they still had that bonded pair. They didn't seem unpleasant, maybe nobody wants two cats. Then to the Hess for gas and on home.

I checked on the kitties recently -- they're back on the bed and Shiva is spread out with Giorgio next to the top of him and Spirit with her head tucked in between Shiva and Giorgio. Her tail is curled up around Giorgio's butt. It's so cute. Both of them will curl their tails around my arm when they're happy.
Tags: cats, errands, health

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