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Unions, Credit Union, How Doctors Treat Fat People

Lucila (I've been spelling it wrong) came to clean today and she asked if I'd heard from Virginia, the other neighbor she cleans for, and I told her I'd had email recently. She asked me about the cost for delivery from Peapod and if I went grocery shopping otherwise and I told her I do -- Peapod is just for heavy and bulky things. I mentioned I shopped at Giant and she said she shopped somewhere else that was cheaper and I explained that they were cheaper because their employees weren't unionized. I talked about how unions help workers so I shop at union shops, when possible, but not everybody feels the same way. I think she'd rather save the money.

I woke up as she opened the sliding glass door to sweep the porch and after she left, I headed back to the credit union. They were a little short of staff and I waited almost 30 minutes to swap memory sticks in the safe deposit box. I kept wondering if I should go, but I didn't know that I wouldn't waste more time.

There's an article in today's WashPost Health section about how doctors treat fat people -- they assume everything wrong with them comes from being fat, they think they're lazy, stupid, etc. I don't think my doctors feel that way about me, but I wouldn't stay with a doctor that did. Then again, the article mentions a program by my HMO that teaches doctors how to respond to fat patients.

The article links to the weight bias training and there's also a sidelight about handling visits to doctors.
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