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USPS and Chocolate Cake

I got the package mailed today -- the machine scale was working -- and one of the staff who is frequently out helping people was sitting in a chair next to the machine. His new job is to lure people to the machine and help them use it for four hours a day. I could do that. It probably doesn't pay as much as my current disability, though.

I went to the credit union to get a copy of a cancelled check. I can get two years back online, but the Virginia tax people were contesting that I'd sent a $60 estimated tax check in 2002. Yes, 2002. So the credit union staffer kindly printed me a copy of the canceled check and when I got home, I made copies and got the letter ready to send back.

Then I went on to the Giant. They make cakes that they cut into probably sixths and sell in that size. I had to have chocolate cake because today is Helen's Chocolate Cake Day. She was a member of our bead forum who was warm and always ready to help. Many people considered her a mentor and a shoulder to lean on. She died of heart disease and we remember her with her favorite food on her birthday. I had my piece with some tea while I thought about Helen.
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