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The Optometrist and Podiatrist Appointments

Okay, I have learned that three doctor appointments in two days is too much.

Yesterday I only sat in the recliner about an hour and although I thought the bed would keep my muscles from hurting too much, it didn't. I saw the optometrist who says I really only have a small change, but I need to put in the wetting eyedrops more often. I'll have to start carrying them in my pocket. I asked the optician just for the pupilary distance and she became distant, but checked it and wrote it on the prescription sheet for me. When my check comes next week, I'll try ordering from Zenni. The glasses I'm wearing now cost $435 with Kaiser paying for one lens. I can get the same glasses (better frame) for about $72 from Zenni and you can return them within four weeks for a 50% refund, so if it doesn't work out, I'd only be out about $36.

I went upstairs to podiatry and had to wait about 40 minutes because the resident had an unexpected long surgery before me (three ingrown toenails). By that time, I could barely walk, but at least I'd finished the 12/29 WashPost. She said I'd taken good care of the toe and don't have to soak it anymore. The dead skin from the flap is coming off.

I stopped at the post office right before closing and the machine was broken and the line was too long to stand in, so I'll just go tomorrow at a better time.

I came home and fed the cats, put a first load of laundry in the washer and slept in the recliner for 4.5 hours and so will not read LJ and Making Light today. I'll catch up on those tomorrow.
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