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Slept the Day Away

I could have sworn I was just thinking about the dream for a few minutes after I turned the alarm off at 1pm, but it was 4:10pm the next time I looked at the clock. The snow and freezing rain came through very quickly and then it got warmer, so there's not much difference outside from yesterday other than a higher temp.

I dreamed about going with a group to another country where we came upon a little homeless girl. The other people in the group wanted to take her home to teach her to be a maid and I wanted to take her home to live with me. We kept arguing and eventually, I snuck her out and left early.

My friend AJ made a post titled -Cloverfield Sucks- on her jewelry blog and was bombed by anonymous strangers. Apparently they were googling that title and her post was at the top.
Tags: dream, health

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