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Coooold Days

No snow melted today, even though it was sunny all day. Tomorrow is supposed to be the coldest day in the winter and I'm debating staying in and getting groceries on Tuesday, but I have three doctors appts on Wednesday and Thursday and it would be nice to have a day of rest between groceries and doctors.

We had two new people at bookgroup last night as well as two irregular attendees for 14 people, which is our record. (We're always at the top, though, most of the other library bookgroups run at five or six people each time.) One of the new folks will probably come back -- she joined in, laughed at some of the jokes, rolled her eyes at others, and checked out the next book. The other new person will probably not come back. He was there providing support to the woman I helped with Medicare -- she had a friend murdered this week. The guy who is the big jokester embarrassed our librarian/fan leader and she was still mad at him at the end of dinner last night.

We ate at Kobe, a teppenyaki restaurant, with eight members of the bookgroup and four additional children (some adult) and squeezed around a table that is usually squeezed with 10 people. Since we had to yell to talk over the table, we probably should have broken up into two groups of six. Nice performance by the chef, although the waitress got both parts of one woman's order wrong and she had been very specific. I had steak and scallops (didn't have any protein Friday to balance, because I figured we'd go out somewhere) and was stuffed when I got home.
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