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Even More Sleeping

I managed to sleep until 3pm today, although I was up late last night. When I got the paper, I noticed that the snow removal guys didn't do the zebra walk again, and although a lot of it had melted, it will freeze tonight and be close to freezing tomorrow. So I put on shoes and a coat and took my stand-up dustpan and sort of shoved snow out of the way to make a path by the van to the door. Then, as long as I was outside in shoes and a coat, I got Luke's key and drove down to get our mail.

The cats are adjusting to me soaking my foot in Epsom salt solution, but Spirit still insists on sitting wobbly on my leg. I had to keep catching her. She's used to me having the footrest out on the recliner and my feet up, which makes my leg more stable for her.
Tags: cats, weather

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