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Untidy Day

Last night I stayed up to read a newspaper and then the nightly portion of the book for Saturday. I set the alarm for 1pm because I was up late. At 11:45, there was a banging on my door. I hesitated about going because I'd put bag balm on my hands last night and was wearing gloves, but I went. My paper was on the upper ramp, a cellphone on the upper ramp, and an open duffel bag on the stoop. Then I noticed there was a guy in front of the lower part of the building and I said "Hello?" He said "Hello" back and I asked him if that was his bag and it was -- he was checking the termite destruction pillars -- and he said he put the phone on my ramp because he thought it was mine. It wasn't mine, but I didn't know whose it was, either. I took the newspaper and the cellphone inside.

I washed the bag balm off my hands because gloves are not very good at cellphone buttons. When I opened it up, there was a picture of a little fluffy white dog and I knew I knew that dog, but I couldn't remember who it belonged to. So I started pushing buttons and on the second one, I got a list of recent calls, one marked "Home." I had the phone call it and ended up with a confused guy. After a couple of minutes, I realized I was talking to my upstairs neighbor's son-in-law. So I told him I'd figured out what to do with the phone and went back out, knocked on Luke's door, and explained. He said his SIL has been getting forgetful and confused, and that his daughter was going to call him so he'd just tell her he had her phone when she did.

To the cats' dismay, I went back to bed for the last hour, but just before the alarm went off, Luke's daughter called to say thanks for figuring out who it belonged to and so forth. I told her I was sorry that Alzheimer's had taken her mother (the reason Luke and his wife moved up here, to be near his daughter for help) and now her husband, and she made one of those "what can you do? laughs and said it'd be okay. After we hung up, I turned off the alarm and started petting cats, thinking I'd get up as soon as they stopped wanting to be petted. I woke up 2.5 hours later.

It snowed about two inches and was melting for about 90 minutes before it got cold enough to freeze. There were lots of accidents today and I assume more tonight and tomorrow. I got an automatic call from Peapod that my driver might be late because of the weather, but he actually showed up earlier than usual (I don't know if they put out more drivers or what).

So it looks like I might be in for tomorrow, too. I hope things clear up by Saturday because I want to go to bookgroup.
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