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Oh the Pain!

Last night, I moved the new dry cat food to the dry cat food container. I didn't do it cleanly, even though I was sitting down -- I didn't get it up straight enough and the rolling cart holding the new bag tipped over on my foot and I had to put it back up and try again. In the process, I left enough new cat food on the floor of the hallway that the cats ate like crazy last night and are refusing to eat the last of the old food today. I may take pity on them.

So this morning I turn the alarm off and sit up and almost black out from pain. Clearly, lifting the bag (and cart) around hurt my back. I managed to shuffle over to get acetominaphen and take it, and then went back to bed for a couple of hours. When I got up to take my shower, I was much better, although I still hurt. Remembering the excitement of last Tuesday, I didn't go get groceries today, I'm just doing more laundry. I plan to do it tomorrow after Lucilla leaves. I should have some rest time before the condo board meeting tomorrow night.
Tags: cats, health

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