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More Productive

Although I was up late last night and didn't read a newspaper, I got up only an hour late today and stopped by our property management office to make sure my payment got there (I'd sent it and then gotten a statement, but it was just because they took over so recently and needed to send the January statements) and then the library to pick up The Arrival, which I put on hold last month. I was the second in the queue and it'd been available earlier, but I had other things to read and I didn't want to have to renew it, so I picked it up today.

When I got home, I made eye appointments both with the optometrist and the opthalmologist. It's occurred to me that part of the reason that I'm having so much trouble reading is because my cataracts are ready to come out. When I saw the opthalmologist last May, he said he thought they should come out this year, and maybe it's time. I see the optometrist in a couple weeks and the opthalmologist in a couple months, unless the optometrist thinks I don't need to see him yet.

I also called the city recycling person because when I took mixed paper out yesterday, the place I've been supposed to leave them had a sign that said "Newspapers, Books, and Cardboard Only!!" It turns out I can still leave mixed paper there, they just put up the sign because they were getting plastic bag contamination in the dumpster.
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