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Did I wake up yesterday too wobbly to get out of bed at first? Did I then go and get groceries? Did I microwave boneless skinless chicken and dice and freeze it? Yes. What an idiot.

I try to plan things so I don't fall apart like yesterday; I must have lost my mind.

Besides the sleeping longer and getting groceries, it took two rounds of microwaving for the chicken. I'd bought a big package so I wouldn't have to do this as soon. I managed the first round and got it diced and into the freezer just as the second round was done sitting for 15 minutes. And after two of the thighs, I couldn't handle the knife and had to lean on the counter, so I came back to the computer for about 15 minutes and then finished up. I was so wobbly I had to get my walker and use it the rest of the night. I was going to tape L&O:SVU and watch it later, but I decided it would be good to just sit in the recliner with the heat & vibration on and watch the show. I did get up the first couple of breaks to put stuff into the dishwasher and start it, plus clean the counter.

Because of the wobbling and fatigue, I was online until 4:30am. I still wanted to read and I set the alarm for 1:30pm, thinking seven hours would be okay, but it wasn't and I slept until 3pm. I decided to postpone today's errands until tomorrow and just stayed home (and did laundry). I'm concerned that I'll be up too late again so I might decide not to read Usenet today.
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