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It's about 65 today (supposed to be higher tomorrow), so I have the windows open. A bit odd this time of year. The plumber is here today to fix the showerhead again. He thinks there's more metal bits in the cartridge and just put a new one in and is reassembling things. He had to turn the water off, which means he was reaching over the water heater, which Spirit is hiding behind, poor baby. I went in and talked to her, but I'm not sure that worked. Giorgio is under the sink and Shiva is in the castle.

It looks like the plumber will be done soon enough that I can get groceries today and not have to go out tomorrow.

Luke has been coughing like crazy and he came back from the doctor a few minutes ago. The doctor ordered antibiotics and Luke's daughter has gone off to get them. When you're 86, you have to be careful about getting sick. He was sure I heard him coughing in the house, but I don't. I always hope that means he doesn't hear me when I'm coughing, too. I heard him out on the stoop, though, and that was bad coughing.
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