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Reading on Fumes

I want to finish the last True Game book this week plus read the current Asimov's because next Saturday I have to start Probability Moon for the bookgroup. But it's taking me an amazing amount of time to read just a few pages -- about three minutes a page -- and I think this is because the books are really fantasy, even though they pretend to be SF. Generally, even hard thinking SF I can read a page a minute (I was a lot faster before the stroke, but it had a lot of affect on my words). I'm about 150 pages from the end and that would take five days at the rate I'm going. It's an interesting story, but I'm just not reading fast enough. I think I may start the Asimov's tonight (so I'll have it to pass on to the group on Saturday, plus I want to finish Allen's Galaxy Blues) and if there's time at the end of the week, read more on this last book of the series.
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