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Poor Giorgio

Yesterday, Giorgio was tearing a bit from his right eye but I figured he just had something in it. It got worse later and by midnight or so, he was cuddling to me like he never does. So I set the alarm to 8am and left a message for the vet. She called me back right before noon and I told her what was up and when could she come? She said probably this afternoon, she'd call me later. So she called about 4pm to say she'd be here in 30-45 minutes. I waited until 4:30pm and caught Giorgio in the cage and Spirit in my bathroom.

Giorgio turns out to have a small ulcer in the outermost corner of his right eye and she gave me antibiotic drops for him. If he isn't better in a week, I should call her again and she'll drop off some steroid ointment. She also weighed Spirit and the diced heated chicken thighs with packet juice on them appear to be working. She's up to 5 pounds 9 ounces, which is three ounces more than when she was seen in November.

Giorgio is now sitting next to me trying to get the stain out of his eye, Shiva is hiding in the castle, and Spirit dashed down the hall.

I plugged the new trackball in and am using it. It was a bit stiff at first -- I think it wasn't used -- but it's fine now and works well. I'll swap back when I shut the computer down tonight and put this new one in my equipment storage. I emailed the guy I bought it from because I realized he didn't send the software. No big deal for me, I already have it, but what about others? He replied that he forgot to put a CD in with mine and he could send it and I replied that I have it, I was just worried about other people.
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