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I was awakened by a banging on the door, which I took to be a delivery person, but when I didn't hear a truck leave and there was more banging, I got up and put on a robe and went to the door. It was one of our management people, Chris. I'd emailed the condo president on the 22nd that the empty condo at my end of our building has the back outside tap valve inside and I wondered if it'd been turned off for the winter. Well, Chris told me they were worried that it's going to get even colder tonight -- 12F -- and they had no way to reach the owner. She also said there was a lockbox on the door, which I didn't know. I told her I didn't know anything about it, I'd just thought we should check the valve was off, and went back to the bedroom.

After about 10 minutes, I realized that I could probably find the condo in and give them the agent number and I called Chris and she said that would be great. So I put a nightgown on, too, because it's pretty cold here today, and came back out to boot up the computer and found it. Nice picture of my end of the building -- you can see my ramp and the bottom balcony on the left is mine -- and called back and gave her the realty and their phone number. A few minutes later the alarm went off and I just proceeded to start the day.

I had recycling packed up to take out today and considered not doing it because of the cold and the blasting wind, but figured I might as well. I got out the hat and attached scarf I made last winter to wear and it definitely kept me warm, but it itches me a bit. It's Superwool and apparently it's woolish enough that I'm allergic to it. I like the format, though, so I'll have to look for yarn and make another one next in something that doesn't itch. After I got all the recycling out, I had lunch at Ruby Tuesday's where the waiter brought me iced tea without asking and then asked if I wanted my regular (white bean chicken chili and a baked potato), and I did.

I picked up mail on the way home and got the backup trackball I won on eBay. Kensington doesn't make these anymore and this one, with 11 total programmable buttons, is very useful for me with my shaky hands. It occurred to me to check eBay and this guy is selling a batch of them that his company got and then decided not to use and gave to him. I paid about $13 more than I did for the original because I was bidding against someone else who really wanted one, but it's worth it to have one for when the current one dies. I'll plug the new one in before I boot up tomorrow and make sure it works.
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