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Not Predictive

Napping six hours is not predictive for the year. I declare so! Which means that apparently I did today's productive things yesterday.

When Lucilla left two weeks ago with us both saying "two weeks!", neither of us realized it would be New Year's Day. When I remembered, I called the phone at their condo, knowing they were in Texas, but that her sister-in-law was picking up the messages. Unfortunately, she didn't understand my English and didn't tell Lucilla, so she came today wondering if I wanted cleaning today. I was fine with it, I was just staying home anyway, but was she? They'd just gotten back from Texas yesterday. She decided to go ahead and clean and so the cats and I slept in the recliner. I wake up when she opens the sliding glass doors to wash the outsides, and since that's the last thing she does, that works well. I paid her and said Happy New Year and then still felt so sleepy that I went right back to sleep in the recliner.

The cats started getting restless about 4pm which is when they usually get their dry food. Spirit was fairly persistent, but I was still sleeping. So I finally got up at 5:45pm, only to find no news on NBC, but ice skating. I turned back to The Twilight Zone, which is where I'll go when the news finishes.
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