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Busy Day

I slept in a bit and wondered why it was so dark. It was supposed to be cloudy today, but it was raining, too, not sleet, but hard rain bits. I got the trash and recycling out, the crocheting in the package mailed, my check (which came Monday when the credit union was closed) deposited, gas in the van, snackies for the kitties, and dinner at Chili's (cheesesteak -- too much protein, but I didn't eat enough yesterday).

On the way to the post office, the traffic was backed up and that seemed odd because the fire engine's lights were on the other side of the street and cars were coming from there. Then two tow trucks came from the other side ahead and turned onto the cross street and then we were able to go forward. The reason our side was backed up was because a couple of rubberneckers had run into each other. The fire guys were checking the cars, as was a police officer.

At Chili's the top button came off my new coat when I started to unbutton it. The coat isn't tight, and particularly not at the top, so I wondered, but just put the button in my pocket. When I got home, I found the thread hadn't broken, it was the knot that hadn't held. I'm going to get new buttons anyway, so maybe I'll do that tomorrow or Friday. I have other things to mend.

When I tried to sign onto my credit union account so I could pay some bills (now that the check is deposited), I had the same problem I had last Tuesday. No help as late as I was trying, so I'll try again tomorrow, early enough to call and find out what's up.

My right ear keeps stabbing me, but my temp's only 99.3. It's not necessarily an ear infection -- that eustachian tube is apparently permanently swollen shut and sometimes complains about the weather.
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