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This was an icky movie. Nicole Kidman played a woman whose husband, named Sean, had died 10 years ago and she was about to get married again. A kid who was born on the day Sean died, who was also named Sean, managed to convince her that he was her husband reincarnated. She didn't ask him anything that would have proved it one way or the other, and the kid was unrelenting in his love for her. The fiance becomes violent because she believes the kid but then the kid is shown some unopened love letters from the original Sean. They're addressed to Kidman's character's best friend -- they'd been lovers. This is when the kid realizes he isn't the original Sean and he tells Kidman. She talks her fiance into getting married still and at the wedding, tries to kill herself and he stops her.

Ew, ew, ew. We saw that the kid sat in the foyer of the building while his dad gave music lessons upstairs, so that's how he thought he was Sean. Why would she want to marry a guy who has to be restrained repeatedly because he's violent? And why would he want to marry a woman who is mentally loose enough to believe the kid without any checking? Why would the best friend show up only when she has to give Sean information and not at the parties?

Bad script, bad directing, bad movie.
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