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May I Buy A Barrel Of Time, Sir?

I seem to be a little bit short. Yesterday, I started nodding off while reading LJ so made it to the end of that, having pulled Usenet headers, and took a nap. By the time I woke up, I was still sleepy and went to bed. So today I had an appointment at the library with a member of my bookgroup who has just gotten Medicare and has never had any kind of insurance before. I was thinking an hour or two, but we were there four hours and I'm still not sure she quite "got" it. I had to actually take one of my books out from her hands at 4:45 because the library closes at 5pm and it took her until 5:12 to finish packing up. I was apologizing left and right. Her son behaved quite well for hanging out at the library for four hours. I took them out to Tony's, the pizza/deli place, because I was hungry and I thought it would be nice, then dropped them off at her boyfriend's job so she could get the car.

So I've read the Usenet posts whose headers I pulled yesterday and started over and I sincerely hope to finish this today before I have to go to sleep.

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