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Soldier #2

Yesterday I started the post off with a "future soldier." Today I start off with a past soldier. She and her husband were arguing about the frequency of sex and he pushed her and she hit her head on the floor. While she was unconcious, he moved her to the couch and had sex with her (we call this rape) and then didn't report it until the next day because he was afraid he'd be arrested (we call this murder). Duh. The FBI took him. Story here.

I still hurt a lot. I'm going to take some Tylenol #3 in a few minutes, so bear with me with later posts and comments. I had to take some garbage out. The package of the chicken I microwaved for the cats had started to smell. I cook so rarely I'd completely forgotten about that. I mailed a package as long as I was out (the post office wasn't busy, and I got to use the machine as soon as I came in) and then headed to a small new restaurant whose flyer was in today's WashPost. Grill Kabob N Pizza. Apparently they plan to mostly deliver or have pickups. They seemed a little nervous with me eating there, although there were tables and chairs. I had a lamb kabob with tandoor bread and basmati rice. It was very good. Apparently they don't get many Caucasians who order lamb -- he asked me twice if I was sure and when I told him I used to live in Arlington (closer to DC), he relaxed and stopped worrying. There were several Pakistani people who came in to congratulate them while I was there. I hope they make it.
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