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Slightly Off Schedule

Well, I read LJ and Usenet, but felt too sleepy for Making Light. I went to bed at 6am, but didn't go to sleep until 8am, which means I could have done ML or read some in bed, but you never know how long you'll be awake. This meant I turned off the alarm at noon and slept until 2pm. My hands hurt a lot -- both arthritis and the little skin splits -- so I decided to stay in today. I can take the recycling out before I see the psych tomorrow.

I got my Social Security notice of payment for 2008 today -- I'm getting $31 more per month. Normally this would be immediately eaten up by meds, but because of the med changes, I'll have a bit more money this year.

I also got on my online credit union banking today, so they must have fixed the software last night.
Tags: health

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