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Two Naps

I had forgotten Lucilla was coming at 10 today, so she knocked about two minutes before my alarm went off and I went to see who was at the door and it was her! Fortunately, she starts in the kitchen, so she started while I got dressed and had meds. I had another example of how she doesn't understand English, but doesn't ask, either. I had four new bags of the Squincher Lite and took them to layer the flavors in the metal basket I keep them in. She asked if I liked candy and I explained that these weren't candy; that I used to have Gatorade but I needed something without sugar, so this was like Gatorade, but powder and with Splenda. She asked if the Splenda was in different flavors because of the colors, so I tried again, but I'm not sure how much she understood. Her son's hip was not put back in place because the surgeon says he won't grow then. Two more years and then it can be put back in place. And since he can't walk or feel it, I guess it's not a big deal. I gave her one of the Peace cards with another cleaning's-worth of money for an end of year present.

I slept about 90 minutes while she was cleaning and since the electrician was due half an hour later, I put the duvet & pillow away and started on the 11/23 WashPost. He'd said it wouldn't be exactly at 1pm, so I wasn't worried when I got the call at 1:30pm. He'd turned left onto 234 and missed the railroad bridge and was out at the Parkway. I told him I thought he wasn't on 234 because the railroad bridge is immediately in front of you when you turn on it. He said he'd come back and might call me again. He showed up about 15 minutes, I guess he just didn't recognize the bridge -- you have to go down under it, so most people do. His wife was his assistant, and this was another one of those things that I used to be able to do myself but can't anymore, so it was annoying to have to watch and then pay for it. He didn't take credit cards, which wasn't a problem, but I hadn't booted the computer up yet and it took a few minutes for me to get him a check. The new light looks nice -- I had him hang it a little higher so other people won't run into it -- and I can change the bulb without help.

After they left, I went to sign on to my credit union's banking service to move some money from my savings to my checking because I hadn't planned to take that much from checking this month and I couldn't sign on. I called member services and the first woman essentially treated me like an idiot and then told me that although I said I'd signed up for the multi-factor authorization (I had all the clues and answers in a file), I hadn't and just had to try that. So I hung up and tried that and still couldn't sign on. So I called back and got a sensible woman who told me that they had made a software upgrade last night and I wasn't the only person who couldn't sign on. She asked what I wanted to do because she could probably do that for me, and she did move the money. I should try it again when I finish this.

I decided I wanted fish and chips and went and had them -- with fried okra instead of cole slaw -- and came back and read email and comics and such and then realized I needed more sleep. So I slept and woke up seven hours later. I'm going to try to at least get LJ in tonight before I go to bed.

Between Lucilla and the electrician, I moved stuff from the old coat to the new one and put the old coat in the washer. It had to be hung to dry and it's dry now. Amazing stuff, polyester -- this was probably all I had of it and now the new coat is again all I have of it. I looked to see if I still had the hood with the faux fur on it, but I'd thrown it away when I cleaned before the laminate went in, back in spring. I never anticipated getting rid of a coat before it was too raggedy to wear; I'm keeping the faux fur stuff from the new coat in case I lose weight before it wears out, like the old one. I'll take the old one to the charity thrift store tomorrow when I do recycling.
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